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28 Years

In 1989, a furnace breakout at a German foundry caused a major explosion with extensive damage. This incident motivated the Silmeta team to invent our state-of-the-art emergency collection pits (ECPs). Since then, Silmeta Systems has remained the global ECP leader, continuing our record of innovation in this critical safety technology through our engineering-driven approach.

150+ Furnace Breakouts

In over 150 furnace breakouts worldwide, our patented ECP technology has always delivered the optimal outcome: well-controlled solidification of molten metal in the collection chambers. Silmeta System ECPs deliver this outstanding result because our systems cool the chamber foundations and all partitions—as well as the chamber bottom—immediately upon breakout.

0 Injuries or Damage

All components of a Silmeta ECP that come into contact with molten metal during a breakout are made of our patented foam ceramic KS91. This material guarantees the complete separation of molten metal from any water, eliminating the possibility for an explosion. Silmeta Systems ECPs: the ultimate safeguard against injuries and damage from furnace breakouts. Contact us today to learn how a Silmeta Systems ECP can increase safety, reduce risk, and improve the bottom line for your operation.