The System


According to specification our emergency collecting pits accommodate the entire contents of the furnace, including a safety margin of 20%.

The construction model type depends on the furnace size and the melt. In principle: per square meter of heat introduction surface that our systems have - even with the collecting chambers filled to the rim - more than 2 dm² of evaporation surface is available.

Any cooling water and/or hydraulic fluid that gets out is still caught and diverted before the actual emergency collecting pit directly below the furnace (on the furnace production line).

Both the emergency collecting pit and the furnace production line are equipped with additional steam expansion zones.

All zones that are impinged by the melt are made out of modified FOAMCERAMIC.

Corresponding to the construction model type, for reasons of statics, for the protection of the foundations, and for cooling after the "furnace break-out", fireproof finished elements in the form of specially developed floor and wall plates are used.

Each individual collecting chamber is protected from mechanical damage on all walls by a reinforced and corrosion-protected perforated plate construction. The frame functions at the same time for the positioning of the accessible and profiled plate covers.

Each part of the system can be repaired effortlessly after small damages.

Depending on the construction model type, each system consists either of highly abrasion-resistant finished parts and/or of foam ceramic that is, according to the requirements, protected in its construction from mechanical damage.

Irrespective of the construction model type all systems are connected to the foundation in a non-positive manner. This also applies to small systems made of finished parts.